Top Qualities of Remarkable People


Its tough to find talented people.  Its even tougher to find talented people with great strength in qualities.

Here are some of the top qualities I’ve found in highly effective and talented professionals in any industry.

1.  In Early, Out Late, Never Counts the Hours

They work long hours and love every minute of what they do.  They’re very hard working, frighteningly efficient and will never let you do the work for them.   They don’t spend their time finding extra ways to live off the company, but rather have the company’s interest in mind at all times.

2.  Their Work Becomes a Part of Their Life

They don’t end their day at 5 PM, or the equivalent of 8 hours.   Their commitment and dedication is to the mission, not just the money, and this is fully apparent in after hour emails, texts and phone calls.  Be weary of keeping anyone on your team who shuts off after a certain time.  More than often you will end up driving them, rather than them driving the company.

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